FUJITON JSC, FUJITON LTD and VIETRUST JSC celebrated Vietnamese Women National Day (20/10/2013)

On the celebration of 83 years since the establishment of Vietnam Women Union (20/10/1930 – 20/10/2013), with the agreement of Leaders of 3 Companies: FUJITON JSC, VIETRUST JSC and Fujiton Trading Ltd, a Celebration Parties was held to celebrate this occasion.

On October 19th, 2013, the Party was held in a cheerful and cozy atmosphere with the attendance of BOD and Staff of all Departments of the Companies.

On behalf of BOD and male staff of the Companies, the General Director said: “We wish all women staff of the Companies health, happiness, youth, beauty and success. We also want to thank you for your contribution in the Companies’ development in recent years”.

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On behalf of the Companies’ male staff, Mr. Tran Van Son, Mr. Dang Duc Hung 
and Mr. Pham Van Minh presented meaningful gifts for female staff.

This is one of the realistic activities of the Companies in order to increase physical and moral life for all staff, especially female staff, the women that are good at both public works and housework. Activities like this also contributed to the solid development of the Companies.

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The party was a meaningful activity not only for female staff, but also for BOD to express their care and responsibility to all female staff. This was also an occasion for female staff to meet and to share opinions, concerns and experiences both in work and in normal life.


This occasion proves that BOD always pays attention to moral life of staffs. The organization of collective activities helps to improve and strengthen solidarity and create enthusiastic working atmosphere after hardworking days. 

Fujiton JSC Communication Unit

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